Valentine With Zainab – Fatokun Matthew

I was on my way from campus to my residence in town on Tuesday evening, when I caught sight of some children begging for alms at the Campus gate. Right inside the bus I was seated at the first seat, I could see how the kids who were most likely within the age bracket of 5-13 years old flocked around each passerby and bus that stopped at the bus stop just to get alms from them. Anyone who is familiar with Ife can testify to the high population of child beggars, especially around that location, so seeing them that day did not bring any unusual thrill as I have become accustomed with such situation.
Occasionally, I give them alms when I have enough, and refrain, when I don’t. On this day, I had a very little on me so I had nothing so I paid little attention as I waited for my bus to get filled and drive off.

As we waited, my attention was brought back to the kids when they fought through their way through a line just to reach the passengers approaching the bus. “Blother, ejo e help wa”, “Sister, ejo e help wa” they said with a strong Hausa accent as they gesticulated with their hands in their mouth as a sign of hunger.
In a bid to enliven their mood and crack them up a little, I told them I have nothing for them today, and what can they also offer me since I haven’t eaten anything? Immediately, they all wore a dud reaction on their faces, except a little girl I would later know as Zainab. Zainab, unlike others, laughed heartily and asked if I mean it. “Uncle, you never eat?”.
I told her yes and immediately she handed over all the naira notes she had squeezed in her hand to me with a N10 note that fell while giving it to me. I was shocked so I asked her again if she is convinced about her action and she said yes. “Uncle, I give you, people give us too”. By this time, her colleagues had gone to beg from other people and probably getting more money while she has giving all her collection for the day.

Fatokun Mattew and Zainab

I tried reading the expression on her face to see if she was worried but I could see nothing but a smile. After, our bus zoomed off, and at a short distance I told the driver to wait and I ran back to Zainab to give her the money and also added little from my pocket. She collected it and joined her colleagues.

Since then, I had promised myself I would do everything possible to make sure I pay back her rare act of kindness and the perfect opportunity came today, being Valentine’s day. As at 12:00pm I had set out for Campus gate and I was lucky enough to meet little Zainab and her friends.
Immediately, I asked little Zainab if she still recognize my face and she said yes. I told her I came to show appreciation for the other day and would like to take her out if she doesn’t mind. She refused but after a little persuasion, she decided to consult her mom who was also a beggar in the vicinity, though visibly-ill. It took a much longer persuasion to eventually get her mom to release Zainab and also intervention from the bikers who recognised me well.

That was the beginning of our trip to Campus, New Buka, Banwill where I gave Zainab a treat, though modest one. Zainab was very happy and glad. The smile on her face today was broader than the last time and we had an heartfelt discussion. She told me how her dad’s death led her and her mum to begging for survival of their family. She recounted how they left Kastina State after her father’s death to seek greener pastures in the west till they finally settled in Ile-ife. She also mentioned how she had to drop-out from school to ensure her Junior sister gets an education. She also mentioned that the bulk of the money made from the alms goes to her sister’s school and up keeping. The highlight of our conversation is when she mentioned that her mum still has plans to introduce her to tailoring job at a future date when the resources are available but she isn’t interested in anything but education. When I asked how she hopes to get an education with their present state, she smiled and told me, she will continuously save from her alms till one day it will be enough to take her to school.

Between the radiant expression on her face and the confidence of her statement, I really can’t tell which evoked my emotions and I could see how much a girl of her social condition still values education. Sadly, there is little I can do for little Zainab regarding her quest for education so I promised I will come around and visit her soon. Even though, I know deep down that such visit cannot achieve her dreams, but it would make her happy- which is the least I can do.
The smile reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s quote: “Common people are the best in the world: that is why the Lord made many of them’.

Written by Fatokun Matthew Babafemi

Update: Valentine With Zainab

After one week ago

The experience l had with little Zainab, the teenage beggar who gave all she had to a stranger (which is me) without hesitation and I must express that I was really surprised to see how far the story went with several kind-hearted people within and outside Nigeria offering to assist the little girl get back to school and have a good life.

The overwhelming offers made it necessary to put in place some logistics to make the process easy and accessible for every willing sponsor to contribute. One of the logistics that was put in place was the creation of an account number for Zainab, although, I encountered difficulties in the process coupled with the fact that Zainab is underage and barely had any means of identification so we had to get her necessary documents such as birth certificate and court affidavit, which took days before it was finally processed.

Also, for the sake of transparency, we settled for a teenage account with two signatories- her mother representing the family, and i representing the public- in order to regularly update the public with the statement of account. It is also important to inform everyone that there are already plans to enroll Zainab in a school as soon as possible while efforts are also ongoing to address other areas of her well-being and that of her ailing mother. On this note, i’ll like to appreciate everyone who has offered to assist in one way or the other and those who make further contributions to her cause.

Below is her account details:
Account name. Zainab Surayyat Kabiru.
Account number. 2051604824
Bank. Zenith Bank

Contact Fatokun Matthew Babafemi for further details.

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World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2020 | Win a Travel Writing Adventure to the Caribbean

Applications are invited from writers around the world for the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2020 – win a travel writing adventure to the Caribbean plus be mentored by professional travel writer Tim Neville. The deadline for submission of applications is 11th March, 2020.

World Nomad is sending three aspiring travel writers to explore beyond the sandy shores and crystal waters of the Caribbean. On the 14-day trip you’ll attend a workshop with NY Times contributor Tim Neville then put what you’ve learned into practice and tackle real-life travel writing assignments.

World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship Eligibility.

  • Open to aspiring writers from all around the world;
  • The scholarship is not open to professional writers of any kind. Essentially this is a ‘learning opportunity’ for someone who is looking for an introduction into the travel writing industry and more importantly, is keen to be mentored;
  • For the purposes of this opportunity, World Nomad would consider you to be professional writer if you have been published regularly in commercial blogs, newspapers, magazines or journals. They would also consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind;
  • If you have only had a few stories published, or keep a regular travel blog then they would not consider this professional.

World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship Benefits.

  • Free flights: Receive round-trip airfare from your closest international airport to the Caribbean.
  • Professional mentorship: Attend a 4-day workshop with Tim Neville at a Selina hostel coworking space.
  • 10-day trip: Then, go on a 10-day all-expenses-paid trip in the Caribbean with bamba.
  • Travel apparel: Be outfitted with sustainable travel clothes and gear from Toad&Co.
  • Portfolio review: Get feedback on your writing from Nat Geo Traveler editor at large, Norie Quintos.
  • Travel insurance: As always, travel insurance for the trip provided by World Nomads.

World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship Judging Criteria.

To be chosen for this scholarship you’ll need to convince the judging panel through your writing that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for travel writing. Your writing should showcase:

  • Great descriptive ability (without getting flowery)
  • A well-structured narrative and a strong eye for detail
  • Ability to uncover a great travel story and tell it in a compelling way
  • Excellent spelling and grammar and a knack for avoiding clichés

How to Apply for World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.

  • Select your story theme
    • ‘A leap into the unknown’
    • ‘Making a local connection’
    • ‘I didn’t expect to find’
  • Write a travel story
    • Use your chosen theme to craft a compelling story about a travel experience you’ve had in 700 words or less.
  • Complete the application form
    • Fill in your personal details so they know how to contact you should you make the shortlist.


Canon Collins Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship 2020 for African Students

Canon Collins is now accepting applications from Africans studying in South Africa universities for its Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship. The deadline for submission of applications for the Canon Collins Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship is 31st March, 2020.

In 2019, in response to the new funding of Higher Education by the South African government, the Canon Collins Thekgo Bursary has been restructured from providing registration fee for first year students to providing bursaries that alleviate undergraduate students’ debt. Students who have completed their undergraduate/Honours studies, but their degree certificates/academic records have been withheld due to outstanding debt owed to the university, can apply for debt relief of up to R20,000 in the following disciplines:

  • Languages and Literature
  • Media Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Education
  • Arts (Digital Arts, Drama/Performance Studies, Visual Arts/Fine Arts, History of Art, Film and Television Studies, Music)

In 2020 these bursaries will be awarded to completed undergraduate students who have already missed at least one graduation and/or were not able to receive the degree  certificate due to outstanding debt of up to R20,000 with any public university in South Africa. 

Canon Collins Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship Eligibility.

You must:

  • Be a national of, or have refugee status in any African country;
  • Have completed undergraduate studies (three year or four year Bachelor or Honours degree) in a degree programme within Thekgo’s focus disciplines in the Humanities, listed above, at any public university in South Africa;
  • Have missed one graduation already and/or was not able to receive the degree due to outstanding debt not exceeding R20,000 owed to the university;
  • Demonstrate academic merit;
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Canon Collins Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship Selection Criteria.

Eligible candidates are selected for debt relief on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Completed application including all required documents
  • Their academic merit and career promise
  • Adequate demonstration of financial need.

How to Apply for Canon Collins Thekgo Debt Relief Scholarship.

This bursary is now open for applications. Download the application form, save a copy on your computer, and fill it in. You must return the form to the Canon Collins office by email to along with your supporting documents. Please read  the guidelines for applying for more information on eligibility and selection criteria before applying. 

The deadline for applications was 31st March 2020 at 3pm GMT. Late applications will not be considered.


International Mathematical Union (IMU) Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program 2020

International Mathematical Union (IMU) is now accepting applications from citizens of developing countries for its 2020 Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program. The deadline for submission of IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program is May 3, 2020.

The program aims to support postgraduate studies, in a developing country, leading to a PhD degree in the mathematical sciences. The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships offers a limited number of grants for excellent students from developing countries.

Professional mathematicians are invited to nominate highly motivated and mathematically talented students from developing countries who plan to complete a doctoral degree in a developing country, including their own home country. Nominees must have a consistently good academic record and must be seriously interested in pursuing a career of research and teaching in mathematics.

It is the hope of the donors, the IMU and FIMU that the fellowship helps educate the next generation of mathematicians and hopefully results in extended benefits to the home countries of those chosen for the fellowships.

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program Eligibility.

  • Nominator must be a professional mathematicians (including those who have superannuated, but continue to mentor young students). It is preferable that the nominator has been mentoring the nominee.
  • The nominee must be a resident and a citizen of a developing country
  • The student must either
    • Be pre-accepted to join a doctoral program in the first academic year after the time of selection in a university or research institution which is based on a developing country. OR
    • Already be enrolled in a doctoral program in a university or research institution which is based on a developing country
  • There is no age limit for the student.
  • Nomination for women students is strongly encouraged.

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program Benefits.

The fellowship can cover the entire period of the doctoral program up to four years of the student (nominee). The following costs up to a maximum of USD $10,000 per year can be covered by the grant:

  • Full tuition fee
  • Accommodation expenses 
  • Travel expenses to the host institution (if different from the home country)
  • Basic living expenses that will depend on the cost of the living of the country in which the student will study his/ her doctoral program

IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program Conditions.

  • The fellowship is incompatible with any other scholarship.
  • The fellowship will be awarded starting from the time of selection Fellowship (i.e. without retrospective effect) in case of awardees already enrolled in a doctoral program, and from the time the awardee enrols in a recognized doctoral program otherwise.
  • The fellowship will be sanctioned for one year at a time and is renewable annually, based on satisfactory progress of the awardee and will cease to be awarded when the awardee completes the doctoral program or at the end of four years, whichever is earlier.

How to Apply for IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program.

The nomination form has to be filled out online and be submitted by the nominator. Students cannot apply themselves for the fellowship. Paper applications are not accepted. Changes after submission are not possible.

Material to be uploaded during the process include: (Only files in PDF format can be uploaded.)

  • Statement from nominator
  • Scanned copy of student (nominee) passport
  • Official letter of pre-acceptance in the PhD Programme
  • Budget of total expenses requested
  • PhD Supervisor CV
  • Research Project
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation which both cannot come from the nominator
  • Transcripts of coursework (certified copies (e.g. stamped by the university)) of the student
    • A) BSc degree or equivalent
    • B) MSc degree or equivalent
  • Nominee CV
  • Nominee letter of motivation, research project and future plans of the student
  • Nominator declaration
  • PhD Supervisor declaration
  • Nominee (student) declaration

Both nominations and accompanying documentation must be submitted in English only. If the documentation furnished were incomplete the entry would not be accepted for consideration.


Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2020 for Early or Mid-Career Scholars

Jacobs Foundation is now accepting applications from early or mid-career scholars of all nationalities for its fellowship program.The deadline for submission of applications for the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is 16th March, 2020.

The Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is a globally competitive fellowship program for early and mid-career researchers aiming at improving the development and living conditions of children and youth or contributing to one of the Jacobs Foundation’s thematic priorities. This includes, but is not limited to educational sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, family studies, media studies, political sciences, linguistics, neurosciences, and medical sciences.

Fellowships are awarded to the most highly talented and innovative young scholars and mid-career researchers. Funds from Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships are awarded directly to the fellow’s institution and may be used over a three-year period by the fellow to partially cover the fellow’s salary and for any activity supporting the fellow’s research, such as assistant salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program Eligibility.

  • Open to researchers from any country.
  • Applicants must have completed their PhD at the time of application.
  • At the start of the fellowship candidates must be employed at a university or other research institution, but they do not need to have a permanent contract or a full-time position. The fellowship funds must be administered by the relevant university or research institution.

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program Selection Criteria.

The selection criteria are weighted equally.

  • Past research accomplishments and publication record
  • Creativity and potential to become a leader in the scientific community
  • Scientific quality: methods and data
  • International relevance of the fellow’s planned work
  • Potential for application in supporting human development and learning
  • Alignment of planned projects with the goals of the Jacobs Foundation
  • Willingness to identify with the Foundation’s aims and to engage with us

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program Fundings.

  • Funds from Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships are awarded directly to the fellow’s institution and may be used over a three-year period by the fellow to partially cover the fellow’s salary and for any activity supporting the fellow’s research, such as assistant salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.

How to Apply for Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program.

The following documents are to be uploaded in connection with the application form:

  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae, including a list of the candidate’s scientific publications
  • A scientific paper by the candidate

To following is to be sent separately to the Jacobs Foundation:

  • A 1-page recommendation letter from a department head or other senior researcher supporting the candidate and describing his/her qualifications, initiative, and research. This letter should be sent directly to

The deadline for applications is March 16, 2020.


New Zealand Scholarship for International Tertiary Students 2021

New Zealand Government is offering full tertiary scholarships to eligible international students to study full-time in New Zealand. The deadline for submission of applications for the New Zealand Scholarship is 28th February, 2020.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is offering Full Post-Graduate Scholarships (Post Graduate Diploma, Masters and PhDs) to international students who wish to study at any of the eleven New Zealand universities and education institutions in 2021.

New Zealand Scholarship Benefits.

  • Full tuition fees,
  • return economy air travel,
  • travel and medical insurance
  • stipend towards basic living costs will be covered by the Scholarship.

New Zealand Scholarship Area of Study.

Sectors of study include, but not limited to:

  • Agriculture,
  • Food Security,
  • Climate Change and Resilience,
  • Renewable Energy and Good Governance.

Full set of recommended courses is available on the scholarships website. We would therefore like to invite eligible candidates to apply for postgraduate study opportunities in New Zealand.

How to Apply for New Zealand Scholarship.

Applicants from the following countries are eligible to apply for the New Zealand Scholarships: Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Djibouti, Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The New Zealand Scholarship application process differs depending on which country or region you are from. You can apply between the application opening and closing dates for your country.


Online portal for applications for 2020 (for study commencing 2021) are currently open, and will close 12pm (NZ time) Friday 28 February 2020.

Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Programme 2020 | Stipend Available

Applications are invited from young Nigerians that possess minimum of Bachelor’s degree for the 2020 Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Programme. The deadline for submission of applications is 4th April, 2020.

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment that is designed to build a movement of leaders who will work towards eliminating educational inequity in Nigeria.

As a Fellow, you will set targets and work towards ambitious goals that will put your students on a different life path. The experience will not only develop your leadership skills but also give you first-hand exposure to the educational crisis in our country. It will help you develop an awareness of the wider issues relating to educational inequity – and deepen your understanding of their potential solutions.

Through the two years Fellows receive ongoing support through a combination of in-person training sessions, leadership forums, as well as online training courses and resources. Additionally, we will build partnerships with key public and private sector entities in order to develop pathways to accelerate alumni leadership in critical areas.

Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Programme Eligibility.

  • Teach for Nigeria fellows are citizens of Nigeria or of Nigerian origin. Teach for Nigeria is open to Nigerians who after the program can be a contributing change to education in Nigeria;
  • They are looking for individuals with varied levels of experience including recent graduates, working youth, experienced professionals and entrepreneurs;
  • Applicants should hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and be younger than 35.

Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Programme Benefits.

As a Teach For Nigeria Fellow, you are a part of movement of young leaders working to eliminate educational inequity. In addition, these are some of the benefits of being a Fellow:

  • Opportunity to be part of a movement that is changing lives and that will change society
  • Extensive leadership development training
  • Intensive teacher training
  • Real responsibility from day one
  • Job and internship opportunities during and post Fellowship
  • Opportunity to be a part of a global network of change agents from across 42 countries
  • Access to a Mentoring Programme, offering a unique opportunity to achieve professional and personal development
  • Access to professional development and network of supporters
  • Ongoing leadership development, coaching, business training and skills workshops
  • Opportunity to design and implement a social change project
  • A stipend for two years including during the school holidays.

How to Apply for Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Programme.

Before you start your application process, click here to see how to complete the online application successfully.

To begin your application, you must complete the registration form by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below.


Deadline: 4th April, 2020.


Over the course of the past 10 years working both online and offline, I want to share some truths with you about what it takes to be successful in ANY entrepreneurial business.

Some people think that all they have to do is pay for the start up cost of the business and money is going to start raining from the sky.
Others believe that the business start up costs alone are the only funds they will ever need to invest into their business. These misconceptions are the furthest things from the truth.
Social media is a great way to brand yourself and have a platform to be able to put out content. But here are a few things I will share with you that you may or may not know.
Like any industry, there are tools that are required to be able to run a successful business online. It will either take TIME or it will take MONEY, or a combination of both to get your business off the ground.
But either way, at some point in time, if you ever want to get into the big money, you are going to have to face some truths.
Any industry where there is team building involved, it will require you to step into LEADERSHIP and that requires PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.
Momentum starts in your business when you CONSISTENTLY gather groups of people together and provide value to the marketplace.
Talk about your vision of whatever you are working on. As well you should be forging NEW relationships DAILY.
You won’t make any big money talking to the same 30 people over and over.
Sorry about that.
You better pick a different business model if that’s you, or pick up the boot straps and push yourself outside your comfort zone.
People ask me all the time, can they make money without talking to ANYONE. There are business models for that like Amazon, Shopify. Crypto Trading or Forex Trading where it’s just YOU and YOUR COMPUTER and a certain skill, or an advertising budget.
But if you are in a TEAM BUILDING business model, you will need to be able to hone your skills with PEOPLE. Whether that’s in selling your products, recruiting new team members, or teaching and training a team to get explosive duplication.
But this illusion people have that they can do NOTHING and make 7 figures is complete B.S. so don’t keep falling for it in 2020 and beyond.
Invest a MINIMUM of one hour each day into Personal Development.
Get around people that are getting the results you want and get inside their head.
Being an entrepreneur takes a huge amount of discipline, facing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone. 95% of your success will be IN YOUR HEAD.
You should be constantly investing into yourself with books, C.D’s, training, mentoring and live events.
If you don’t want to make that investment in yourself and in your skills, just be happy in your day job.

Best Regards

Azeez Gbeleyi

PROPhotographer, Network Marketing PRO and Business Finance Coach


JCIN YABATECH inaugurates Staff Adviser

Junior Chamber International Nigeria, Yaba College of Technology (JCIN-YABATECH) has inaugurated ARC. Sheriff Olashina Ayodele-Oja as the Organisation’s Staff Adviser on Friday, February 7, 2020.

JCI is a worldwide organisation of Young Active citizens of ages 18 to 40 of all nationalities, race and religion who shares the believe that; in order to create a positive change, we must take collective action to improve ourselves and the world around us. Engaging in activities ranging from community development to international projects, members demonstrate their social responsibility and improve themselves through participation, leadership and action, JCI Members worldwide seek better solutions to build better communities.

ARC. Sheriff, who is an academic staff, a chief lecturer from the school of environmental studies and the department of Architecture is a renowned and a principled dignitary in Yaba College Of Technology. Sheriff’s core values kicks against Indecent Dressing, examination malpractice, fighting or any other unruly behaviour among students of the college. He was chosen based on the fact that JCIN-YABATECH is an organization for leadership, entrepreneurship and a career development, that also kicks against unruly behaviour amongst youth all over the world.

According to the 2020 Local Organisation President, Jackson Adewale AYIKA said “The organisation has a whole lot of opportunities in store for students of the college which will in turn make them continue to stand out amidst other institutions in Nigeria and across the globe, opportunities which ranges from; personal development, career development, self discovery, people management skills, corporate ettiquette, public speaking skills, leadership Skills, community Development, social responsibility, networking, entrepreneurship, humanitarian services and lots more”

“When all these aforementioned skills are embedded in the students right from campus along side the impactful lectures in the academic syllabus, no doubt every graduants yearly will be useful to themselves and also the society at large”, he added.

Sheriff appreciated the leadership of JCIN YABATECH and he recommended four tactics for graduating with the best grade on campus, to the attendees. The first tactics; Student’s can have A in almost all courses if they read their books consistently before examinations, the way they read WhatsApp messages, Second; Course work (CW) amounts to 40% while exam is 60%, students whose intention is to get good grades should not only focus on the exam but also on the course work, ensure effective attention is given to assignment and submitted in time, doing practicals and not missing test, third; Proper following and understanding of instructions for both test and exam is germane, lastly; Student’s should avoid wasting too much time on answering one question during exam, endeavour to allocate at most 30minutes per question.

After which he noted that he was pleased with the comportment and level of discipline amongst the members of the organisation and he promised to support the organisation anytime.

Apply for YouthsPark Global Leadership Bootcamp

Applications are invited to attend the first edition of the YouthsPark Global Leadership Bootcamp holding in Lagos-Nigeria.

This is a 3-day intensive result-driven program designed to ignite and increase youth capacity for disruptive thinking, purposeful leadership and sustainable e-market solutions in Africa.

The bootcamp will facilitate socio-economic frameworks to engage, connect, as well as, provide access to strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs, social innovators, leaders of organizations and young professionals, which will deliver accelerated problem-solving and employment opportunities in the Africa space.



Date: Wed. 22nd – Friday 24th April, 2020
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Time: 8:00am daily


Participation fee shall be applicable only to successfully selected participants.

Successful participants shall pay a participation fee of $250 USD to cover;

  • 3 nights’ accommodation
  • Feeding (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Resource Materials
  • Boot-camp T-Shirt
  • Certification
  • Registration Closes by midnight on Tuesday 31st March, 2020

    NOTE: Participants will however be responsible for securing any necessary travel/flight cost to Lagos, Nigeria for the Youthspark Global Leadership Bootcamp 2020.

    To proceed with Application, click on the link: Apply Now OR visit for more details.

    Create your website at
    Get started